Your Integral Health
supporting yourself affords you
the opportunity to hold the world
Through the use of the Your Integral Health approach, skills and concepts are used to turn "ethics to a verb for creating empowered relationships in which difficulties, confusion and harm are attended to, and repaired,"(Cedar Barstow) opening avenues to resolve health related issues and relationships. 
Are you:

        Experiencing illness, pain or discomfort?

        Fed up with the medical system?

        Do you wonder if there is more than what your doctor has to offer?

        Are your current therapies unsatisfactory or not working?

        Do you need help assessing other treatment and care options?

        Feeling frustrated and don't know where to turn?

My name is Diana Walters; I am a bodywork therapist and an integrative health coach.  I work one-on-one with people seeking healthcare advise, helping them with the choices available within healthcare.  
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our Integral Health is a personalized service for individuals, families, businesses and communities if all sizes.  It aims to educate, support and promote the importance of attending to one's own needs before the health and needs of others. 
"One must be well enough in body, mind and spirit, before attending to another."(J. Gordon,  M.D.; 2006)

The support is intended to assist the individual/family or business/community with the choices they make.  together we develop a place where you are encouraged to explore all aspects of yourself, including your health, to investigate and define your senses of well-being.  As we survey the possibilities, you learn to A) sense and listen to your intuitive voice and B) proactively take steps to enhance your health and well-being.
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When necessary, the client is referred to a health care or other professional (i.e. a medical doctor), with whom the client has chosen to work, to aid with their health or well-being issues.


"You have the power within you to see your own future.  .... Once your mind is receptive to higher influences, you will find there is far more to life than just what meets the eye."(Gillian Kemp, 1837)
SERVICES:  Health promotion through positive health promotion coaching and                                   guidance for:
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What is Integrative Healthcare?
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